Saturday, January 22, 2005

[The Limit] Pre-Hangover Day

Work on The Limit went well yesterday. I described the basic emotional beats of each sequence through to the end of Act 2. That sort of work is tough for me - it involves abstracting out from the details that my head's been previously stuck in.

Assuming that I don't get massively hungover from tonight's flatwarming (unlike certain flatmates, who are already hungover from pre-flatwarming drinks in Te Aro Park, last night), I'll finish off Act 3 on Sunday.

Then, from my room, you'll probably be able to hear me rehearsing my pitch for The Limit aloud. It'll start very quiet and cautious. For a lot of the time, I won't even be able to finish sentences because I'll be too self-conscious about getting them 'right'. Then things should start to click together an hour, 2 hours in.

The goal: work up an effective pitch by Tuesday, take Wednesday off, and then hit the road by Thursday.

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