Monday, January 10, 2005

[The Limit] A Short Holiday

So I 'kind of' finished Outline E.
Now I'm taking a short break from scriptwriting, refresh my mind. I'll be analysing another couple of possible film projects, finishing my review of The Farm, doing some write-ups of role-playing sessions and posting an idea for a game to The Forge, and trying to do another big chunk on my horror novel. Basically, short projects that I can get the satisfaction of finishing and getting off my desk.

As for The Limit, I've got to make sure it is readable, that the chunky scenes I wanted to rewrite are good enough (!), send it to Andrew, simplify the Screenwriter's Diary entry, arrange an interview with someone from the Armed Offenders Squad, and get ready to pitch the movie to some people.

That's right: The Limit is about to go public.

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